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Concrete Retaining Walls Modesto

Not all properties will need retaining walls. Here are a few signs that you might need one for yours. For example, you may need them if your place is generally situated in a hilly location and there is a vertical slope right beside your house. Also, any elevated land that has some risk for erosion near your property should be secured with a retaining wall. To be sure if building one will be necessary for you, have a professional from a concrete company in your area assess your site.

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Sloping areas of land, especially in residential locations need to be secured since they can erode. These can be triggered by rain, wind, or even just the fall of gravity. Since residential sites are often cleared of most vegetation to make way for home development, the soil is less intact, and erosion is always a risk. Moreover, certain places may be at greater risk of erosion due to the specific type of soil that are found in their area.

In cases like this, a strong lateral support for the portion at risk of eroding can be provided by a proper concrete retaining wall.

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